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Know these great cities on a small group tour.


Go behind the scenes in Bratislava!

This young European capital recovering from the Cold War is still forming its identity.  The picturesque medieval old town dramatically contrasts vast concrete Soviet era housing estates, abandoned factories, riverside developments, bunkers, the former Iron Curtain border zone.  Visit and explore it all!


One step in Europe the other in Asia!

Istanbul is a melting pot of European and Asian influences, a mix of the traditional and modern words and the best way to explore the sights is with city walking tours with My Local Guide Istanbul.


Effortlessly dazzling Paris…

The astonishingly beautiful and chic ‘city of lights’ is a city of love stories, scandals, secrets and myths.  All this charm is wrappped in the flavours and aromas of chocolate, wine, fresh baked bread, cheese and, of course, the best macarons in the world just waiting to be experienced!

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Ramadan in Istanbul

Is It Appropriate Time to Travel to Turkey in Ramazan? Turkey is a secular Muslim country and it is a great choice to travel to Istanbul during Ramadan. All the restaurants stay in their regular schedule and serve food and drinks all day.  However, it is appreciated...

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