We joined a Naked Tour Guide group on our first visit to Prague and immediately knew that we had found exactly the type of tour company we are always looking for on a trip:  personal, intimate groups led by a guide you’d like to be friends with.

So when we were planning our next trip to Paris, it was such a relief to be able to use Tourlings to connect us with a similar style of tour! Both our Paris and Prague tours made us feel like we were exploring a beautiful city with friends while getting insider tips for restaurants, museums and experiences.

For an authentic travel experience, Tourlings is the best network we’ve encountered. There’s no doubt that we will use a Tourlings guide on our next trip! The only question is… which city will we pick next?

Debbie Pappadakes

Paris by Martin, recommended by Naked Tour Guide. December 2016

I was lucky enough to get hooked up with The Naked Tour Guide while I was in Prague for a month. Marcus was our guide and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and engaging on our small, well-curated historical tour throughout the city on the Anthropoid Tour, perfect for WWII and history buffs.

When my friend visited me a few weeks later, I was sure to take him on the Prague Historical Tour with Imogen. It was the best way to kick off a trip in Prague, complete with seeing the Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, The Jewish Town, Charles Bridge, and ending near Prague Castle.  We felt like we learned more in those three hours than in all the rest of our days combined!
By recommendation, I sought out another Tourlings partner when I continued on to Amsterdam: That Dam Guide.  Benjamin was our leader on the Amsterdam City Walking Tour and he will give you a unique perspective as both a foreigner and a Dutch local.  I cannot recommend this tour enough but be warned, you will fall in love with Amsterdam!

The passion that the Tourlings partners put into their tours is contagious.  You will have fun and you will learn a lot… It will surely be a highlight – if not THE highlight – of your time in Prague or Amsterdam.

Taylor Smits

That Dam Guide, recommended by Naked Tour Guide. December 2016

This tour was recommended by another small group tour in Prague which I loved (Naked Tour Guide), so I had to try it. Hopped a train from Vienna and met tall skinny Juro and two other guests at the Brataslava train station at noon.

For the next 3 hours, we saw everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly, getting to learn the backside of the country’s historic swing from German rule to being part of Czechoslovakia, to being under Nazi rule, to being under Communist rule, to being free, to being under Russian rule, and now as a Socialist Democracy.

Very, very interesting! Great small group tour, and they offer several different ones. I hoped a train back to Vienna – a great day!

Barbara Hanley

Authentic Slovakia Tours, recommended by Naked Tour Guide. December 2016

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